“Alexandre Dossin leaves no stone unturned in his search for nuance in the writing.” Sunday Tribune, Glasgow

“Dossin colours the music with delicate, technically deft strokes.”

Toronto Star

“[Dossin] has an instinctive feel for the music, and shows abundant technical prowess in the fast and

dramatic sections.”


Those who enjoyed Dossin's CD of Kabalevsky sonatas should not hesitate--this is a worthy continuation of

his series.”


“Dossin is a superb pianist, something collectors may already know from his two prior albums. Indeed, he is as convincing an advocate for this music as we can hope for at this time, sculpting the darker preludes in fire and ice. (...) do not hesitate to give this excellent disc a listen.”

MusicWeb International

“Alexandre Dossin brings his muscular technique to bear with impressive results…”


International acclaim

"(...) Given these performances by Dossin, one could hope for a reevaluation and possibly an awakening in the piano world that this is good piano music, demanding of the pianist and worthy of study and performance. While I've never heard these works programmed, I would go well out of my way to hear Dossin play them. He has the sensitivity and flair for the poetic moments as well as the drive and excitement necessary. (...) In the First Sonata, Dossin convinces me that, despite the similarities with Prokofiev (and to a lesser extent Scriabin) this is a good first effort.

The middle movement especially has a beautiful melodic fabric woven by a master pianist. The Second Sonata is, perhaps, the high-point of Kabalevsky's piano compositions. It is overtly virtuosic, and I hear the ghost of Horowitz in almost every bar. Were it not for the exceptionally good modern sonics, it would be easy for a listener to mistake Dossin for the departed legend. Not to say that this is simply a good pianist copying an old one. Dossin surely has spent some time listening to the older recording, and certainly has been influenced by it, but it is his own interpretation, and quite worthy of comparison. The last sonata is a little bittersweet and easily the best recording I have heard of it. The sonatinas make this a very generous and complete collection. Anyone found of the Russian piano works of the 20th century should listen to this. It will favorably alter any feelings you might have towards Kabalevsky and give you a chance to hear a terrific young pianist."

American Record Guide

“(...)The Polonaise from Onegin , easily the most familiar work on the disc, is given an extrovert reading that highlights its profusion of opulent pianistic detail without obscuring the overall structure and momentum of the dance. Dossin’s interpretation readily holds its own beside those older, famous ones of Cziffra and Ponti, and perhaps surpasses them in its unforced poise and characteristic voice. Dossin approaches Alyabyev’s The Nightingale , set by Liszt as a veritable mini-Russian rhapsody, with intelligence and finesse. Meanwhile, the quirky Circassian March from Glinka’s Russlan and Ludmilla, a virtuoso tour de force , fairly explodes with rhythmic

acrobatics and kaleidoscopic colors. (...)It is hard to imagine a more eloquent spokesman for this repertoire than Dossin. Though he is by birth and upbringing Brazilian, the nine years he spent studying in Moscow lend an unmistakable authenticity to his voice in Russian music. Moreover, Dossin’s refined and multifaceted pianism, combined with his formidable intellectual and musical grasp, make him one of the more remarkable Liszt interpreters before the public today.”


“(...)Dossin is a virtuoso of the first order who performs these pieces with clarity, good pacing, and musical sense. (...) The result is an impressive showcase of Russian literature, performed with technical virtuosity and great sensitivity. In the Bohemian Song (Bulakhov), with melodies that seem to chase each other up and down the keyboard, Dossin brings out shimmering textures.(...) Dossin performs the Tarantella (Cui) with attentiveness toward the range

of color and sound. The closing Romance (Vielgorsky) feels to me particularly lucid, and none of the details are lost in the midst of underlying complexity. The quality of the recording is superb. In accordance with Liszt's original intention with his transcriptions, Dossin's performance of these inventive arrangements illuminates these Russian pieces. Much recommended.”

American Record Guide

“Dossin's performance compares favorably with those of Horowitz, Zak and Scherbakov.”


“Dossin easily beats the available competition.”


“Alexandre Dossin surmounts the technical difficulties of these works with aplomb.”


“Dossin (...) gives brilliant performances of all of this music. Recommended!”


“The pianist’s ability to conjure magical spaces by superbly weighted pianissimi is worth the price of the disc alone.”

MusicWeb International

"Alexandre Dossin’s luminous, expansive playing is a great delight from the beginning to the end of this disc. With his wonderful technical control, more than Bernstein himself displays in the Piano Sonata (RCA), and with his breadth of imagination, wider than Alexander Frey’s performance of the Anniversaries(Koch), he serves up these little fragments to their brilliant best advantage. (…) Dossin’s playing is particularly profound and beautiful here [In Memoriam: Ellen Goetz]. The pianist has done a marvelous job of polishing these little gems to a high luster (…)”  

Raymond Beegle, Fanfare Magazine

“Alexandre Dossin handles the performance…with a near-perfect understanding of the stylistic worlds they dwell in. He seems very much the right pianist for this music.”

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Brazilian pianist Alexandre Dossin does full justice to the diverging aspects of Bernstein’s output for solo piano, with a muscular reading of the Sonata, and an expressively melodic approach to the sets of Anniversaries. He even includes world première recordings of the Music for the Dance No. II and Non Troppo Presto, both of which showcase the composer’s more cerebral side. This alone should be enough to entice Bernstein collectors to seek out this recording.

Classical Music Sentinel

Dossin ideally steers himself through these pitfalls, his abundant technique making little of the challenges posed. The sound quality is excellent, and the whole disc has my strongest recommendation. David’s Review Corner

Alexandre Dossin is an accomplished pianist with several fine recordings to his credit. Thus far this pianist has demonstrated a penchant for rhythmic flexibility, clarity, sensitivity and drama. Mr. Dossin’s new recording of piano works by Leonard Bernstein continues this trend.  Sound and production values are excellent. Alan Cohen

“An eminently enjoyable disc that demands to be heard.”

MusicWeb International (UK)

“Like Arrau, Dossin is a big virtuoso who obtains huge sonorities without banging, and is not averse to underlining Liszt's expressive directives in red ink, with broad, rhetorical strokes.”

Classics Today (US)

“Dossin’s Chopin is a model of how to avoid eccentricities and let

the music speak for itself. It is doubtful if listeners will be able to resist once they have listened."

American Record Guide

“Dossin presents [Krieger’s music] as though he is a pane of glass

through which admirers can see the composer. I highly recommend the C.D.”
Clavier Magazine

“A phenomenal contribution to the contemporary collection.”


“Dossin plays this compelling music with great heart and skill. Well worth a listen.”

Fanfare Magazine

“The formidable technique is entirely subservient to the music, while at the same time breathtakingly impressive. (...) The result is a group of immensely satisfying performances. (...)”

Clavier Magazine

“The Ernani Paraphrase is especially successful, its symphonic emotional sweep being relished by Dossin to the full.”

International Piano Magazine

“Alexandre Dossin has nothing to fear, he overcomes without hesitation the traps of this music with perfect ease. For those who want to get to the heart of this music, the young Brazilian doesn't disappoint.”


“Dossin - like Liszt - treats the music with the utmost respect.”

Financial Times (UK)

“Brazilian pianist proves to be a master at Liszt.”

Robert Baxter, Courier-Post (US)

“Alexandre Dossin plays with an astute balance of excitement, technical finesse, and fluid expressivity.”

American Record Guide

"Pianist Alexandre Dossin's polished, idiomatic and well-recorded performances hold their own alongside Alexander Frey's 'complete' 1998 Bernstein piano music cycle." Jed Distler, Gramophone